Research projects funded by the National Science Centre (ongoing)


Turtles from Czechia and Poland: An overview of common evolution in Central Europe since the Triassic until Recent
project coordinator: Milan Chroust
participant: Tomasz Szczygielski                                        lead time: 1.06.2023 – 31.05.2025


The origin and rapid diversification of predatory gastropods Neogastropoda: turnover in gastropod faunas at the turn of early and late Cretaceous
project coordinator: Andrzej Kaim                                                lead time: 2019 – 12.06.2024

Response to environmental change and post-industrial recovery of foraminifera from South Georgia fjords, sub-Antarctic
project coordinator: Wojciech Majewski                                       lead time: 2019 – 12.12.2023

Ontogeny in the aetosaur Stagonolepis olenkae: a key for the early evolution of the cocrodylian lineage
project coordinator: Tomasz Sulej                                                   lead time: 2020 – 4.02.2024

Functional anatomy of Tarbosaurus bataar from the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia
project coordinator: Tomasz Szczygielski                                      lead time: 2020 – 21.07.2024

Mechanical properties of echinoderm skeleton as a function of its chemical composition (Mg/Ca): taphonomic and paleobiological perspectives
project coordinator: Przemysław Gorzelak                                      lead time: 2021 – 31.01.2024

Historical biogeography and diversity of the ornithischian dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous of the European archipelago
project coordinator: Daniel Madzia                                                 lead time: 2021 – 20.01.2025

Late Jurassic restricted environments of the shallow-water carbonate succession of NW and NE margins of the Holy Cross Mts as a place of accumulation of unusual fossils
project coordinator: Błażej Błażejowski                                             lead time: 2021 – 8.06.2024

The enigma of Chelonipus ispp.: Middle Triassic turtles or locomotory convergence?
project coordinator: Tomasz Szczygielski                                      lead time: 2021 – 10.06.2025

Paleoproteomics of fossil fish otoliths
project coordinator: Jarosław Stolarski                                            lead time: 2021 – 29.06.2025

Locomotory and stance evolution in Triassic dicynodonts
project coordinator: Tomasz Szczygielski                                       lead time: 2023 – 20.07.2027


Paleoecology, paleogeography, bathymetric distribution, and diversification pattern of fishes and cephalopods in Mesozoic epicontinental seas based on otoliths and statoliths
project coordinator: Maciej Pindakiewicz                                         lead time: 2020 – 25.06.2024

Solving the mystery of the mode of life of a long-necked Triassic reptile Tanystropheus
project coordinator: Tomasz Sulej                                                 lead time: 2021 – 30.09.2025


Microtaphonomy of carbonate skeletons of marine organisms
project coordinator: Katarzyna Janiszewska                                             lead time: 2020 – 2023

Research projects funded by the National Science Centre (completed)


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