International and interinstitutional partnership

International agreements:



Agreement of Mutual cooperation in the scientific fields of mammalian evolution and diversity
with Instytut Zoologii Chińskiej Akademii Nauk (years 2015 – 2020)


Terrestrial vertebrates of Central Asia: joint Polish-Mongolian research initiative
with Centrum Paleontologiczne Mongolskiej Akademii Nauk (years 2016 – 2018)

Scientific consortium:

Consortium for reactivation of the National Museum of Natural History
On July 31st 2012, the Institute became a founding member of a consortium of research institutions of the Polish Academy of Sciences established for reactivation of the National Museum of Natural History (Narodowe Muzeum Przyrodnicze).
The Museum had been originally established on 24th of October 1919 by a decree of the Minister of Religious Beliefs and Public Enlightenment, but after the World War II its remains were incorporated into institutes of the Academy. Other members of the consortium are the Museum and Institute of Zoology, Botanical Garden-Centre of Preservation of Biodiversity, and the Museum of Earth. It is expected that the new institution will be joined also by natural sciences research institutes of the Academy located in Cracow.
[more information about the history of the museum - in Polish]

Naukowa Sieć Polarna  - multidisciplinary research of polar ecosystems.
[more information - in Polish]

BioGeoCentrum Badawcze PAN - research of global ecosystem processes
[more information - in Polish]

Acta Palaeontologica Polonica

Palaeontologia Polonica

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