Jolanta Kobylinska
Staff: Piotr Gryz

Collecting and preserving palaeontological specimens, a part of the natural history heritage of the mankind, is one of the statutory tasks of the Institute of Paleobiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The palaeontological collections of the Institute have been assembled since 1952 in Poland and during expeditions to other countries (Mongolia, Spitsbergen, Antarctica, and others). Their main part is constituted by collections described in publications edited by the Institute. At present the number of such collections is about six hundred; each one corresponds to a single publication and their size is very variable, from a single specimen to over 10 000.

List of published collections [HTML file].

The above-mentioned collections are available for study for bona fide scientists from all over the world
unless they are already under study. Please enquire for availability.
Requests to visit the collection should be made in advance by emailing a completed Collections Visitor Form [DOC] to Curator. If molding, casting or dissection is required, please submit a molding/destructive sampling application
Collection cataloguing is in progress. A large part of collections has already been catalogued. Catalogues are available under the following links. Please be aware that:
- the only aim of the distinction between Catalogues 1, 2, ... is to avoid too large files; if looking for a specific taxon, please check all the catalogues;
- identifications are mostly those already made on existing labels; they do not necessarily correspond to the present state of art in palaeontology;
- genera and species are arranged according to a practical Linear Sequence of Classes and Orders
[DOC file]; this should not be taken to represent a scientific system; in some cases other systems of classification have been used as well.

Catalogue 1 - Main collections - Invertebrates
[XLSX file]
Catalogue 2 - Main collections - Vertebrates [XLSX file]
Catalogue 3 - Comparative collections [XLSX file]
Catalogue 4 - Unpublished collections [XLSX file]

For inquiries concerning collections please contact the Curator.

A part of the collections is available to the public in the Museum of Evolution.