2019.07.01. IP PAS PUBLICATION Coronado, I., Fine, M., Bosellini, F.R., Stolarski, J. 2019. Impact of ocean acidification on crystallographic vital effect of the coral skeleton. Nature Communications 10:2896
Marine invertebrates such newsas corals build their skeletons in process known as biologically controlled mineralization. Crystals deposited by these organisms record valuable environmental information which can be used to reconstruct conditions in the marine realm.  Sometimes biological processes in the calcifying organism override the environmental signal, a phenomenon known as vital effect. In Coronado et al. 2019 paper, calcium carbonate skeleton of the reef-building coral Stylophora pistillata was examined following incubation in controlled conditions. Corals were grown in an aquaria system at the Interuniversity Institute for Marine Science in Eilat at treatments ranging from ambient ph 8.2 down to a pH of 7.3. For the first time the skeleton was assessed at crystallographic scale. Those formed under lower pH show systematic changes in the arrangement of skeletal crystals and distortions at atomic scale, related to altered physiology. Furthermore, it was found that under more acidic conditions, there is higher incorporation of organic matrix in the skeleton. A parameters called Crystallographic Vital Effect, show a linear correlation with the seawater pH making them a novel tool for reconstructing past ocean acidification conditions.


2019.06.21. On June 24th, 2019 Maciej Pindakiewicz (PhD student Institute of Paleobiology) will present a lecture Feeding convergence among extinct and extant ray-finned fishes – teeth of the herbivorous actinopterygians from the latest Permian of EastEuropean Platform.seminarium

seminarium2019.05.10. On May 13th, 2019 dr Denis Bates (Aberystwyth University) will present a lecture Graptolites: strange plankton of the past.
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