General information

We announce recruitment to the BioPlanet doctoral school for the academic year 2024/2025.

BioPlanet Doctoral School

offers the Ph.D. degree program in Biological Sciences and in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The School has been established jointly by four institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences: the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS (the leading member), the Institute of Paleobiology PAS, the Mammal Research Institute PAS, and the Institute of Parasitology PAS.
The Institutes contributing to the BioPlanet Doctoral School carry out interdisciplinary research concerning problems at the interface of Biology and Earth and Environmental Sciences, at a high international level.
Our well-balanced curriculum offers unparalleled opportunities for gaining knowledge on the selected issues of Biology, Paleobiology and Biogeology. The interdisciplinary profile of the doctoral program in our School and renowned scientists provide students with in-depth training in the broad area of Natural Sciences and the understanding of fundamental biological and evolutionary processes of the living world.
The BioPlanet Doctoral School offers Ph.D. dissertation topics in Zoology, Ecology, Parasitology, Paleobiology/Paleontology, biomineralization, and evolution of invertebrates (mainly insects) and vertebrates (mainly reptiles, birds, and mammals), and in other topics concerning Geology, Biology, and Environmental Sciences. Ph.D. applicants may also suggest the topics for dissertations in consultation with prospective advisors.
The program takes four years to complete and should result in submitting doctoral dissertation.
For more details see BioPlanet Doctoral School

Submitting documents: Documents can be submitted from 01.06.2024 – 10.09.2024.

Wniosek o przyjęcie do szkoły doktorskiej (application for admission to school)

Number of places available - 1

Research topic of applicant’s choice
We offer the possibility of proposing a research topic of applicant’s choice after it has been agreed upon with a prospective supervisor, who should be contacted directly for further guidance.

Formal requirements for applicants

The following documents are required to apply for admission:
  1. Application for admission  to the Doctoral School along with consent for the personal data to be processed for the purpose of recruitment, and declaration of reading the terms and conditions of admission. A template of the application is to be found in Annex 1 to the terms and conditions of application to the Doctoral School.
  2. Certified copy of diploma or certificate of completion of studies. If the applicant does not have proof of the qualifications, s/he is obliged to provide them before the Doctoral School program begins.
  3. CV including education, employment and research experience with list of publication sand a short description of scientific achievements, particularly information on participation in scientific conferences, workshops, training and internships, participation in research projects, involvement in learned societies and students’ scientific associations, and awarded distinctions and scholarships.
  4. Certificates or other documents confirming knowledge of English, if the applicant has them at his/her disposal.
  5. Draft description of proposed research topic including references cited, no longer than single A4 page (references do not count to length limit), signed by the prospective supervisor.

You can submit the documents either by:
  • posting them to the selected Institute address (see below); or
  • sending them by email to the addresses given below; or
  • in person.

Institute of Paleobiology PAS
  1. Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warszawa, with a note “Szkoła Doktorska”
  2. paleo@twarda.pan.pl
  3. Twarda 51/55, Warszawa, sekretariat, room 155 (1st floor), open 08:00-16:00

The PhD interview -
an interview date will be announced later.
The candidates are asked to prepare two short (4-10 slides) PowerPoint presentations: one concerning the master thesis and the second about the planned doctoral thesis.

Applicants should have general knowledge of the broadly understood field of Natural or Earth Sciences (when the selected topic concerns Paleontology/Geology), and a good command of English, on a level sufficient for a Ph.D. dissertation preparation (upon submitting the dissertation we require language competency certificate at least on B2 level). Detailed requirements are to be found in the notice of recruitment.

The International Doctoral Studies Course in the Biological Sciences with the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw

List of the Institute of Paleobiology PhD students