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The Library of the Institute of Paleobiology houses currently the largest collection of paleontological books and periodicals in Poland. It helds over 30 000 volumes of books and separate reprints, and nearly 25 000 volumes of periodicals. We subscribe to 12 foreign titles and receive by exchange 130 titles from 30 countries.  

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Archive of Polish Paleontology
- pdfs of classic works of Polish Paleontology

Journals online

Bibliographic and full text databases:

Wirtualna Biblioteka Nauki (available through the state licence)    
Biblioteka Nauki (open access to the full text of scientific publications)

Web of Science
Science Direct (Elsevier)
Wiley Online Library
Springer Link
International publishers:
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
Columbia University Press, New York
McGraw-Hill Inc., New York
McMillan, New York
Oxford University Press, New York
Springer Verlag, Berlin
Taylor & Francis, London
University of California Press, Berkeley  

National publishers:
Ossolineum, Wrocław

Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa
Prószyński i S-ka, Warszawa

Catalogue of books, brochures and photocopies
- registered since 2003 (earlier acquisitions are available through the on site catalogue)

Catalogue of journals