Seminars 2021

8 December 2021, 4:00 p.m., Dr Andrew B. Heckert will give a seminar: "Paleobiological implications of the distribution of disease and incidence of injuries in non-avian Mesozoic dinosaurs."
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Abstract: The peer-reviewed literature includes numerous examples of paleopathologies (records of injury or disease) in non-avian dinosaurs. These paleopathologies are generally well-described, but typically only in the context of the specific pathology and/or the taxon affected. To date there has been little systematic analysis of the fossil record of dinosaur paleopathologies throughout the Mesozoic. Organizing these records, which number in the 100s, by type of pathology (injury or disease), clade, geological age, body mass, and geographic region yields information on both paleobiology and biases of the fossil record.

21 October 2021, 11:00 a.m., prof. Bruce Rothschild (Indiana University Health Research Associate, Carnegie Museum) will give a seminar: "History of disease as told by surviving skeletons: Zoological/Paleontological Implications".

Once you have mastered a database, opportunities in paleopathology are limited only by your imagination. The seminar will share the culmination of five decades of research, establishing the character of disease, its population spectrum, and establishing manifestations as trans-phylogenetic and trans-chronologic. Predicated on documentation of disease in the human and veterinary record, the paleontologic record provides unique insights to the diseases/pathologies we share with most creatures that have transited the earth.

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