Department of Evolutionary Paleobiology

Adam URBANEK, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor

Graptolites, fossil and extant pterobranchs. Evolutionary biology, philosophical aspects of life and earthsciences. Ongoing research: homology of stolon system in pterobranchs and sessile Graptolithina, study on Mastigograptus


Personal data

Adam Urbanek
born 15 April 1928 in Krosno nad Wisłokiem, Poland
died 3 June 2014 in Warsaw, Poland

Titles and memberships
  • 1996 Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • 1986 Full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • 1973 Corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • 1970 Assistant professor in palaeozoology, University of Warsaw
  • 1960 D.Sc. in palaeozoology, University of Warsaw
  • 1956 Ph.D. in geology, University of Warsaw
  • 1952 M.Sc. in zoology and comparative anatomy, University of Warsaw

Main scientific achievements
  • discovery that internal portions of the dendroid thecae have their homologoues in stolon system of extant Rhabdopleura
  • biochemical studies on the extant pterobranch material collected by the Polish Antarctic Expeditions and indicating that their organic skeletons are made chiefly of the collagen
  • evidence presented that regeneration of fragmented graptoloid colonies may be treated as a natural experiment confirming the earlier suggested morphogen gradient theory
  • first studies on skeletal tissues of graptolites with TEM, redefinition of their fabrics in ultrastructural terms and identification of their main constituent as collagen
  • discovery of new graptolite faunas from the bore-core material of the Polish Lowland filling the gape between British and Bohemian sequences and representing previously unknown evolutionary trends
  • evidence provided that evolutionary novelties may be introduced into monograptid colonies both proximally as well as distally and then are spreading in opposite direction
  • discovery that the evolution of many Late Silurian monograptid lineages was based on the microfusellar tissue as the main structural element of their elaborated apertutal features
  • interpretation of graptoloid colonies as clonal systems with an attempt at explanation of their astogenetic changes by a gradient of morphogen produced by the oozooid
  • 2014 Research project: „Morphology, ultratucture and taxonomic revision of selected groups of fossil hemichordates” (KBN 3 P04C 03522), studies are associated with preparation of 3rd edition of the Graptolite Volume of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology

  • Evolutionary biology at the Faculty of Geology, Warsaw University
  • Evolutionary biology at the Faculty of Agriculture (specialization in biology), Academy of Agriculture


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