Department of Evolutionary Paleobiology

Ph.D. student in 2008-2014

Research interests: Skeleton ultrastructures and evolution of Silurian Retiolitidae (Graptolithina)

Academic degrees: 
2008 M.Sc. in geology, majoring in stratigraphic and prospecting geology, Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw, Poland
2008 - 2013 Ph.D. in palaeobiology candidate, GEOBIOS, Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, scientific supervisor: Anna Kozłowska Ph.D., D.Sc.
2013 Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, Geology (Institute of Paleobiology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)

Original publications:
Kozłowska A., Dobrowolska K., and Bates D.E.B. 2013. A new type of colony in Spinograptus from the upper Wenlock (Silurian) of Poland. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 58 (1): 85-92. [text]
Dobrowolska, K. 2013. Reconstruction of the proximal ends of retiolitid rhabdosomes (Graptolithina) from the Upper Wenlock and the Lower Ludlow. Paläontologische Zeitschrift (in press). [text]

Conference abstracts:

Modlińska, K. and Szaron, D. 2009. Diversity changes of the upper Silurian graptoloid fauna from the Gołdap IG-1 borehole (NE Poland). Materiały konferencyjne 7th Micropalaeontological Workshop MIKRO: 53.
Modlińska, K. 2010. Nowe dane o ewolucji rabdozomów retiolitów na podstawie materiałów z Polski. Materiały konferencyjne II Konferencja Naukowa „Młodzi w paleontologii”, Warszawa: 26.
Dobrowolska, K. 2010. The diversity of genicular processes of the retiolitids, Graptolithina from Poland. Materiały konferencyjne 1st International Students’ Geological Conference, Kraków: 13-14.
Dobrowolska, K. 2011. Upper Wenlock and Lower Ludlow retiolitid (graptolite) diversity from Gołdap borehole (East European Platform), Poland. Materiały konferencyjne ”Siluria Revisited” - International Subcommission on Silurian Stratigraphy: 17.
Kozłowska, A., Bates, D. and Dobrowolska, K. 2011. Rhabdosome variations in the genus Spinograptus. Materiały konferencyjne ”Siluria Revisited” - International Subcommission on Silurian Stratigraphy: 29.
Dobrowolska, K. 2011. Evolution of retiolitids (Graptolithina) Silurian representatives of Hemichordata. Materiały konferencyjne 17th European Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology: 111.