Tomy Jurajskie 1, 19-27 (2003)
A reconstruction of sedimentary environment of Middle Jurassic Ore-bearing clay from Gnaszyn (Częstochowa region) - preliminary results

Gedl, P., Kaim, A., Boczarowski, A., Kędzierski, M, Smoleń, J., Szczepanik, P., Witkowska, M. & Ziaja, J.

Abstract. The aim of this paper is to present preliminary results of a complex reconstruction of the palaeoenvironmental conditions during sedimentation of the so-called Ore-bearing Clays cropped out at Gnaszyn (Częstochowa region, Poland). The environmental conditions both in the subsurface and bottom waters of the basin during Bathonian are aimed to be reconstructed. The conditions at the surrounding land are also reconstructed and their impact on the sedimentation processes is estimated.