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In 1993, a fossil bed abundant in skulls and other skeletal remains of large freshwater vertebrates was discovered at Krasiejów near Opole, southern Poland. Single bones had been found there earlier by Dr Krzysztofa Usnarska-Talerzak from Wrocław University and Dr Krzysztof Spałek from Opole University, among others.

During the following years scientists from the Institute of Palaeobiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences kept uncovering fossils in Krasiejów on a limited scale, prepared collected specimens and identified them preliminary.

Set up by Professor Jerzy Dzik and financed by Górażdże Cement Co. and the State Committee for Scientific Research, broad-scale excavations in the claystone quarry in Krasiejów were launched on June 19, 2000. Field works were conducted by assistants and students - volunteers from all main universities in Poland.
Agnieszka KapuPcińska